Hello World! I love maternity sessions, family sessions, really anything that involves some adorable families with cute kids that are full of personality in Central Ilinois, I just love capturing those moments! Let me introduce to the Beehner Family, especially Evelyn! Probably one of most cutest families ever!

Evelyn and I met when I started to help watch a couple of days through out the work week. At first she wanted nothing to do with me! She wouldn’t even let me give her a high five! But she slowly warmed up to me, soon becoming my buddy! I’m not going to lie this little kid does wonders for you self-esteem. Everyday we get to hang out Evelyn tells me how old she is, about her sister Sylvia (the pictured in the mama’s belly), how to count and sing..she even likes to test the boundaries on what is okay and not okay to do! Such a little stinker!


Of course, Evelyn being the ever so creative little kid had to do some coloring not only on moms belly but also pretending like it was lipstick and giving mom a nice shade of peach for some added color!

Evelyn knows best!

As you can probably already tell…I am a huge fan of natural light…and this is seriously the perfect setting to use it!

This picture right here is essentially the epitome of cuteness..I mean really. A cute kid looking at some cute shoes holding her apple in one hand with that look on her face…pure awesome!


I just love how in home sessions just look relaxed and they just have a more cozy, personal vibe!


Of course we had to get the family dog, Carli, in on some! She is quit the poser if I say so myself!


Thank you so much guys for letting capture the adorableness of your family! Welcome into the world baby Beehner!