First of all, wedding photography I have found out is in my blood.Capturing art with love and light. Weddings are more than just all your plans put together, throw in some emotions, great design, love, family, friends and you have a fantastic story just waiting to be captured and remembered.

I have been away for so long! But I am back! I haven’t stopped photographing weddings because wedding photography I found out this year is my true passion. I had to wonder around a little bit this year. Due to the fact that I have been photographing weddings for over a decade, it almost became the word we all dread…my JOB! No one likes jobs but everyone loves their passions!Although I have done a number of weddings over my time being a photographer, one of my dreams would be for someone to host a wedding so I can visit an historic country house. It would look so good in photos.

While this last year of wedding photography for me had a big learning curve, this year, I plan to conquer it. Yes I have been doing for over a decade but there are a lot of new techniques out there, new ideas, new places, new faces and keeping up with it all is very daunting. I almost gave up to be honest! Which would have been very sad! Wedding photography is an ever changing field and sometimes trying to keep up is really exhausting. One of my fondest memories of covering a destination wedding was a series of awesome photo-shoots at Cape Cod Historic Wedding Venues last year. And with the kind of splendid weddings I had the honor of photographing this year, I realized that I just can’t let weddings go.

This past year has been a year of a lot of ups and downs and all arounds. But most importantly, one thing remained the same, I LOVE to photograph weddings. I love photographing the moments a mom and dad see their baby girl for the first time in that gorgeous wedding dress they so meticulously picked out. Seeing that moment they realize that their baby girl has grown up and has found the man of her dreams.

My favorite moment is when a groom sees his bride for the first time. I mean its not every day that you get to see the love of your life dressed up to the nines in a beautiful dress from Winnie Couture in Los Angeles. It’s an extra ordinary day. Yes sure it only lasts for a blip of time in the grand scheme of things but those moments are what make my job such a blessing.

So here I come world, a stronger force than I was before capturing all the in between moments I can and nothing is going to stop me now!