Whitney and Martin got married in the lovely town of Pontiac at the Elks Club. Not going to lie it was a wee bit of a chilly day but if I may be cheesy their love, friendship and their families kept them warm. I have known Whitney and Martin for about 4 years now and when I met Martin I literally introduced myself as stalker Sarah. The name kinda stuck but not my stalker like tendencies…I promise. There was always something just right with them. Whenever you saw Whitney and Martin strollin’ around town, hanging out, having a good time…you knew that it was just right. Like when you find the perfect pair of socks (not for me though cause I loath socks) or when you find the perfect pen. It’s just a good thing. To witness my some of best friends get married and join their lives together was not only a privilege but an honor. #lifegoals

The fun thing about photographing your friends wedding is that you get to be a little bit more creative cause you have already built that trust from years of friendship. I love when I can go to wedding and the bride just tells me to do my thing. Best line ” I hired you to take my photos, you know what you are doing. If I didn’t like what I saw then you wouldn’t be here” Amen sister, you are totally picking up what I am dropping down. Also she knows my personality. Whitney knew my passion and my heart behind what I do. Whitney knew I wouldn’t mess around knowing how important their wedding day was to her and her family.

Number one: Always find yourself a photographer who gets what is important to you.

Number two: Follow number one but also hire someone who has experience…at least a couple of years. Who knows how to handle the pressures of the wedding. Cause believe it or not…a photographer gets a lot of crap coming their way to make people happy. Usually the parents.

Number three: Hire a photographer who listens.

Number four: Hire a photographer you can tell has the passion.

I could go on and on and on but I think you catch my drift.
precious moments.